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7 Community Characteristics to Seek When Starting a Family

Starting or raising a family means your priorities frequently change. Those old haunts such as bars, restaurants, and nightlife you once had an affinity for become increasingly less significant as opposed to great school districts, low crime rates, and a true sense of community. Let’s take a look at how to find those characteristics for…

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4 Significant Tax Breaks for Homeowners

Ben Franklin once quipped, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” The old adage still holds true today, especially in an uncertain economy. Homeowners should take advantage of every tax break they can to heed Ben’s advice and put some of those greenbacks back where they belong: in your pocket. Let’s take a gander at…

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9 Essential Things to do prior to Moving into Your New Home

Congrats. The key is in your hand and the home is officially yours. Now what – haul everything in, pack it all away, and throw a block party? Well, not so fast there. It’s an exciting and sometimes stressful period when moving into your new home, whether you are a first time owner or otherwise….

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